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Time To Swim Good

My heart is full of untold stories and connections that it’s cage is making my heart feel increasingly claustrophobic. I have much to say and I fear the words will tumble out in such a way that I’m unable to put them back in their place.

They ought to stay in their place, I tell them.

But they beg to be heard. They repeat incessantly in my mind and aura until I cannot bear it and I am forced to spill feelings, thoughts, words, language, emotion… onto blank pages that wait for my tears to blend ink and meaning together.

At a certain point in what feels like another era, I stopped writing and kept all the notes and thoughtful reflection in my head. Never to be found out, never to be caught by thinking or feeling the “wrong” thing I may have previously and innocently thought to put down on paper.

Until my brain and emotional body became full with awakened feelings, unminced words, entire unsaid conversations, and internal stand-up comedy routines.

What would it mean to speak aloud, write my truth in prose, rhyme or verse untethered to unsolicited opinions? Swimming amongst the sharks, not knowing which could take you down. Speaking, creating, expressing anyway. Surrendering myself to the sea of uncertainty and risk.

I think it’s time to swim good.

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