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Flower in Sunlight


Why Reiki and How it Works

Reiki is an amazing non-denominational therapeutic tool which accesses deep healing and relaxation that anyone can participate in regardless of faith, current medications or personal belief.

In a session, a client usually lies on a massage table fully clothed while the practitioner rests their hands on the client's head, various joints and feet as they conduct and guide energy throughout the recipient's body.

The result is a feeling of overall wellness, ease and satisfaction

- very similar to the after effects of a massage or acupuncture session.

Check out the studies done on Reiki in the United States and Canada.

Purple Lights


A tool for insight & planning

Astrology is so much more than what is in your daily horoscope.


By using your personal birth details or the date your company was established, you make the most of key moments and timed windows of opportunity that are unique to you while alerting you to potential landmines along your journey.



Listen to what Spirit wants you to know

Tarot, often feared and misunderstood, is a set of signs and symbols to communicate directly with Spirit.

Tarot encourages self-trust by setting an intention to gain insight and using your intution

to interpret the messages that Spirit and All That Is wants to share with you.

Audiovisual Conference


Expert Guidance

Have a specific project or event that requires my services?


From creating and facilitating workshops and talks at national conferences to monthly workshops,

contact me today to discover how I can help.

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