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July 2022 | Lessons of the Great Aquarian Conjunction

Hi Loves,

I wrote this - the below - in December 2020.

I have come to understand how far ahead my vision and "gifts work. I am either years behind or years in advance but I must not linger on the fact that I am not "on time" because in fact I am always on time for those who live in the future.

To live in the future is to live from a place of innovation and intuition, not by measurable means.

Below are the lessons from the Great Aquarian Conjunction as well as the focus for your astrological signs.


You made it to December 21st, 2020, my friend? You should be extremely proud of yourself. I am proud of you. I am proud of me too.

You have arrived at this point in time for a specific reason. A reason that only each one of you can know the truth of, deep inside yourselves. The fact is that you are being called away from the status quo and towards your fullest expression of YOU and your beliefs in what is possible. It is an indication that it's TIME TO GO.

You must feel the tug in your heart to break away now in some way, surely you do. Perhaps you need more time to plan your escape (read: a path to the freedom), perhaps you've set yourself up so that you can leave today. Maybe it's your relationship, your family of origin/ancestral patterns, your financial portfolio, your career, your look/image, you commitment to your health or body, your education plans, your home...

This growth is a learning process just like with any other topic. If you allow for it, the journey inside yourselves can be like searching for the greatest adventure of treasure seeking that there ever was. You all have many gifts to share, if only you would allow yourselves to look forward, to do what YOU love, to enjoy, to shine your heart lights in the most natural and instinctual ways to you.

You used to be taught that when you had something to learn it was because you were inferior, less than, not as worthy as another, but that couldn't be further from the truth. First, there is always a learning and deepening of what you know. Knowledge is infinite (it is you who chooses to limit your learning). Second, to acknowledge that you have something to learn means that you are ever-fresh and willing, ready to evolve and periodically reevaluate previously held notions to reassess their alignment with a constantly changing you.

This time is a ground level relearning of who and what you came here to be in this lifetime. No matter how old or young you are, no matter how old or young you feel. This is a new beginning. This is a time to intentionally and consciously cross the threshold of complicity and obedience, this habit of looking at one another to see what dance the other is doing before doing YOUR dance. NO. Be free in YOUR authenticity, your moves, your words and your style.

This year has made it clear that you, as society and a human race, need the love and compassion you all deeply long for, NOT the latest money investment and "100 ways to win". You just need one way to win. Love. Not a conditional, self-directed, do-as-I-say kind of love, but an unconditional, I'm-listening-and-thoughtfully-responding kind of motherly love. You all are yearning for your souls to be nourished, comforted and parented... Loved.

You learned this year you must give this experience to yourselves first. Saturn and Jupiter closing out their time in Capricorn made it clear that they were not going to leave without ensuring we realized the importance of the ownership of our responsibilities. What it feels like to abandon oneself in pursuit of acceptance. What it means to reclaim a forgotten YOU, a powerful YOU, a vocal YOU.

This year exposed all of the terrors experienced by the most disenfranchised and marginalized groups. Whether or not you have taken the cumulative message of 2020 to heart, the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction at 0° degrees of Aquarius will light the flame of the discipline needed and finds freedom and liberation through individual & group ownership, societal responsibility, and innovative restructuring.


We are between lunations - the Micro new moon in Cancer at 7° (new beginnings around the home but farther in the future) conjunct Black Moon Lilith (empowerment through disempowerment, discord & deceit) that happened on June 28th and the Super full moon in Capricorn at 21° (eventful culminations around status, work, men & society) occurring on July 13th. At this time we are all considering our home life, the lives our mothers and fathers bestowed us with and what we can do with the cards we've been dealt to either bluff or barter our way towards a new home life.

One that holds us safely, gently, lovingly... one without conditions.

Take note that the full moon in Capricorn will see pro-choice organizations across the US become targeted for closure.

If you know your North Node and/or Venus sign, I'd suggest that you read those as well to get a full picture of where you're being called into a higher mind, a better life and a simpler way of being. A more easeful you.

WATER SIGNS | Focus for Mid-Cancer Season

Cancer - Self, identity, reputation, who you are in this world, how you are seen by others & how you may want to change that, a focus on your face, speech, hair, personal style etc & investing more time in these areas of life.

Scorpio - Spirituality, higher learning either through education or apprenticeship or travel, personal truths & beliefs based on your lived experiences, your ability to access freedom & investing more time in these areas.

Pisces - Sex, sexuality, children or a first child, creativity, passions, entertainment, pastimes or hobbies, accessing your inner child state or persona, ability to give & receive pleasure or investing more time in these areas.

FIRE SIGNS | Focus for Mid-Cancer Season

Aries - Home, homeland, property, family of origin, the mother or parental figures, large possessions, improving your home environment, mother/parenthood around conversations & investing more time in these areas of life.

Leo - Solitude, psychological processing, internal or undercover investigations, surgery, issues that are private or kept a secret, practices behind the scenes like prayer or meditation & investing more time in these areas of life.

Sagittarius - Sex, death, birth & any life transformative process as well as lump sums of money or access to resources from other entities such as taxes, wills, scholarships, grants, settlements & investing more time in these areas.

EARTH SIGNS | Focus for Cancer Season

Taurus - Siblings, cousins, neighbours, neighbourhoods, short distance travel, commuting, communications all kinds of; texts, calls, emails, social media or sharing what you know & investing more time on these areas of life.

Virgo - Friends, communities, groups of like-minded folks, places where you "go" as an individual to become part of a community, what it means to you to inspire/aspire & how you're investing more time in these areas of life.

Capricorn - Significant relationships of all kinds; romantic, employer/employee, competitors etc, agreements, legal contracts, commitments, working together in business or for mutual benefit & investing more time in these areas.

AIR SIGNS | Focus for Cancer Season

Gemini - Earned income/salary, what you do to make "it" & if it's "worth the work/payoff", what your personal values are & how they align with your financial values/output, your ability to earn & investing more time in these areas of life.[

Libra - Public persona, social standing, career, work, the father (or parents), leadership opportunities, connecting with "industry", large organizations, authority figures & the government & investing more time in these areas of life.

Aquarius - Daily life, routines, habits, practices of a wellness or spiritual nature that help to keep you grounded & productive, mining the details of your day, productivity & investing more time in these areas of life.

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