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Holding on a little longer to fly free...

8.8.18 = 9 (reassessment before completion) ||

11.8.18 = 3 (burgeoning creativity and manifestation)

A reassessment. Almost to the finish line but... Not. Quite. Yet.

We see the flag waving us in if we can endure the unknown terrain just a little bit longer. A feeling of recovery is upon us, or attempting to have us hold out our hands cupping hope gently. To maintain the vision and upward view. We may see the end of an era or chapter, the old stories, scenario, situation, relationship and/or way of being coming up to finally cut the cords. So we can fly free. Finally.

There is a leveling up in our reality here. In our awareness of how important we as individuals really are. It is individuals coming together by way of their personal experiences – positive, negative, enlightening, disempowering, inspiring - that shift & change society as a whole and the lives within them.

With the upcoming new moon solar eclipse in Leo on Saturday at 5:58a ET, which immediately goes void of course (a mini-moon retrograde) until 11:59p, the insights that come up around this weekend's eclipse will reveal the next stages of the long-term plans in regards to your ability to create your own level of personal pleasure & enjoyment. And if you can, with a spot of Leo sass and flare! So as with the construction of any new foundation, you must be wise, deliberate and mindful that your ability to MANIFEST is REAL.

If you think that you are not “able” to manifest right now, think again: spirit might be protecting you from making a wrong move, from involving the wrong people or making an impulsive choice from a place of illusion, confusion & frustration.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune & Pluto are ALL retrograde at this time, many of which will station direct in late August or September (except Neptune stationing in Nov – a key time for Pisces!). Later in October, Venus will also retrograde. This gives us all the keen awareness that we will have to be strategic and practical if a bit innovative in our upcoming endeavours.

Again be aware that with ANY retrograde, you are inclined to be more reflective, mindful, and even a bit slow to make decisions – the same goes for this new moon. TAKE YOUR TIME.

Unless it's something that has already been in the works (or you know the other parties from past involvements), it is best to use this eclipse for seeking the “crack where the light gets in” – where are there wounds that keep you from believing what you desire can be truly yours. Otherwise, you may be repeating the same lessons you've already been taught. Think about it – it’s like intentionally holding yourself back a grade – WHY?

All this said, if you do intention work, Saturday is best for receiving downloads, solitary rituals like baths, sauna sweat sessions, swimming laps, reading/writing personal intuitions, releasing energized emotions related to expression, sex, fertility, creativity, and children.

Sunday is best utilized for intending how to use this eclipse energy to your advantage by recording up to 10 dreams/goals/intentions, creating a new budget or strategy that incorporates your recent realizations, recruiting some assistance (ideally those you know are ready to back you) to complete the tasks or project at hand.

With the new moon this weekend and with all new moons, there is an opportunity on the horizon you may not yet see. In what area of your chart will you feel the effects? See below:

LEO - You'll be focused on delivering a new & improved identity in the coming weeks. You may be offering a new service or product related to your identity because of recent insights into attracting new or refreshed expansive partnerships – business or romantic – and how they jive with who you are now.

VIRGO – You're learning that in order to level up, stepping up your game in various ways is essential to successfully segway into new roles, places, and phases. You worked for this, don't be afraid to let go of aspects of the old you in order to reveal more of the new, improve & ever capable you.

LIBRA - You're likely yearning for new or revived connection with your friend group, associations, clubs, classes, and all places you go as an individual to become part of a community. Reach out to communities that incorporate drama, dance, movement, creativity, and theatre to find greater success & alignment.

SCORPIO – You seem to be at the precipice of a new beginning in regards to the next level of your service offering. You may want to step up and out in your career in a noticeable way even if that means letting go of or amalgamating all of the experience you've gained until this point with your passions.

SAGITTARIUS – This should be an invigorating new phase for you and your long-range dreams, goals, destiny, dharma & legacy. The new beginning for you could propel you onto a new path that inspires you, speaks to your personal beliefs & truth and even takes you on journeys to other cultures.

CAPRICORN – This eclipse has you focused on finding more about that which has been rarely discussed in your past whether out of frustration or avoidance. This also could be the beginning of a new resource you're able to access through partners, employers, ancestors and/or large institutions i.e., schools, govt, etc.

AQUARIUS – This weekend has you focused on the potential partners in your immediate environment; romantic but business and competition also show up here too. At the end of the day, you're seeking an empowering reflection and these experiences & connections have you reviewing your changing values and increased attraction factor for how you really want to be and show up in this world.

PISCES – This time is focused on your daily life; the things, habits, and practices you do every day to serve yourself. You may be on display or in a public forum that encourages you to speak about or share how you manage your everyday life, energy, and emotions. This experience, whether one or several, is putting you in the spotlight when it comes to your daily rituals and service offering. As a result, you may be introduced to something new that you add or incorporate into your day/life.

ARIES – With the new moon in Leo in its natural energy of the 5th house, you are more empowered than ever to enjoy life through children, light-hearted love affairs, sex, creativity (traditional or alternative), hobbies and old pastimes. A new connection could be made while you're out & about shining your light and having a blast, I.e., at a concert, food festival or vibing with your current passion posse.

TAURUS - With your home life being activated at this new moon, you may be connecting with your family of origin more either. More specifically, interactions with your mother (or a nurturing figure) may become deeper and assist you in exploring and thus expressing more of this aspect of your personal nature.

GEMINI – You may feel the need to self-express in a new and inspired way which can have you finessing your communication style. This may incorporate setting up a new social media outlet online, promoting yourself/business through speaking, presenting, dramatic arts and/or languages. Someone you meet in your commutes, like to/from work or school etc, may present an opportunity for you to explore further.

CANCER – It is likely that a new financially related opportunity will show up for you at this time regarding how you earn your regular salary, but also how well you feel the role you perform aligns with your identity & personal values. This awareness will likely put you in front of people, on stage or as a leader in your own right. Alternatively, this time can have you assessing what you need to start, stop or continue (but AMP up) in order to bring yourself to a place of satisfaction and contentment with what you do to earn those dollars.

With all of this said, you can put this knowledge to action and join me at Moksha Yoga Square One (4175 Confederation Parkway) on Sunday August 12th at 1-2:30pm!

Want to delve more into your Solar Chart for this year or receive a tarot reading? Send me an email, reach out via the various social media channels at the bottom of this site or book right online.

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