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March Calls for More Change

Speaking to a client last week in her follow up session from the last Astrology for Success brunch... (Have an event coming up and want to add an astrology element? Email me!), I told her we're in the calm of a cosmic astrological storm. Uh, excuse me?

Yep. Just like January helped us to shed with the two full moons, one blue moon, one partial solar eclipse, among other major planetary movements (i.e., Uranus direct Jan 2)... the old, visibly worn out names and masks we've been carrying and wearing for as long as we can remember or know, but would rather "not go there".

However, March will do much of the same with another two full moons in one month, making the March 31st one, a blue moon. Then of course, there's Spring Solstice. And the movement of the sun into pioneering Aries. Talk about activation.


I tend to use astrological support, tarot and other physically tangible means to delineate my future opportunities & make sense of my troubles. (Yeah, not very "corporate", but fun and interesting to way to receive "objective and often way too accurate" messages).

But this month (and year) I am finding that I need to FEEL my way through instead of actioning my way through. That means NOT going to "look for proof", NOR being "logical" when problem solving, and NOT rushing to find the next "right" answer or step.

Feeling my way through is paying attention to the subtleties in vibes, posture and language. The nuances in phrases. The inflections in voices. The energy of resistance and death or life and empowerment.

And in response, moving towards or away from whatever aligns with my desire, while simultaneously, NOT judging myself for going to where my soul seeks connection, recognition and support.

When I feel safe enough, I work in places where I wish to affect change. Knowing that sometimes, in these spaces, I may be stepping into a territory where I will have no desire to fight to my detriment in order to prove my worth.

This also means learning (yet again, or more deeply) to recondition my energetic response system based on my choice to redevelop a calmer, less reactive and more attuned being. To do more than just manage the currently traumatized response system as though change is not possible. Change is possible and I have the ability to change.

To do this is to follow memories, thoughts, ideas, patterns into shadows and crevices of stories, not sure if you will come out the other side or return defeated, saying "No I can't be bothered", "It's not really THAT important is it?"... But still you go. You follow the signs within yourself to the things ONLY YOU know are creating resistance in your energy field and ultimately, your life.

To access the tough stuff, (and everyone under the sun has "tough stuff" to deal with) I turn/turned to Reiki. Because the real work is never done, but it can be made easier.

What I learned as I cleared away more "vibrational, mental and emotional junk" from my energetic response system - Reiki does more than just provide relief from stress and anxiety. Reiki brings you to your most abundant, bountiful, resourceful and naturally talented self. Often into a new and BIGGER existence and appreciation of self.

Whether or not you are prepared for your life to change, Reiki helps to gently move you along to where you are meant to be.

Reiki resets your vibration, activates your life purpose and optimizes your overall wellbeing so your body can promote a positive everyday experience.

Whether via a distance session, in a healing circle or for an in-person treatment, Reiki is an intelligent energy that goes to the intended recipient for the receiver's highest good at that point in time. As an individual clears away energetic debris, their focus, attitude, vibration and overall physicality improves.

We have a month until Spring Solstice and by that time, Magical March will have had our way with us and I want to be PREPARED to get in on the action, to SHOW UP in life/community and INSPIRE others by living my life in the way I have been guided to.

So from now, until March 1st, I'll be going live on Facebook at 9:15am ET and IG at 11pm ET to send approximately 10 minutes of (distance) Reiki to you. By virtue of the nature of Reiki, I also receive a treatment.

Want other options to slow down in order to help you feel?

Choose one of the below:

  • commit to a yoga series for the next 7 days

  • create an intention and use your favourite mala or meditation bracelet to recite your intention or prayer (one for every bead)

  • cook at least one meal a day to connect to your food & slow down

  • record your own voice saying your intention and listen in the morning before you get out of bed and at night, once in bed

  • use eucalyptus or peppermint to dab the soles of your feet before bedtime to create an activating and to centralize your focus

  • do one minute of deep belly breathing to bring your response levels down - time it!

Here's to the last week of February and feeling your way into your future this March 2018.

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