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March Calls for More Change

Speaking to a client last week in her follow up session from the last Astrology for Success brunch... (Have an event coming up and want to add an astrology element? Email me!), I told her we're in the calm of a cosmic astrological storm. Uh, excuse me?

Yep. Just like January helped us to shed with the two full moons, one blue moon, one partial solar eclipse, among other major planetary movements (i.e., Uranus direct Jan 2)... the old, visibly worn out names and masks we've been carrying and wearing for as long as we can remember or know, but would rather "not go there".

However, March will do much of the same with another two full moons in one month, making the March 31st one, a blue moon. Then of course, there's Spring Solstice. And the movement of the sun into pioneering Aries. Talk about activation.


I tend to use astrological support, tarot and other physically tangible means to delineate my future opportunities & make sense of my troubles. (Yeah, not very "corporate", but fun and interesting to way to receive "objective and often way too accurate" messages).