What the new moon in Virgo taught us

Get straight on how your health is directly related to your wealth.

It isn’t easy. We all say we’re doing it – we’re exercising; “Oh yes, of course, at least 3 times a week”, we exclaim when the dedicated practice is really more like three times a month.

We don’t wonder why the health of our body, mind, heart, relationships or services isn’t as robust as we know it could be. We KNOW the reasons. Well, with the sun in Virgo, the largest luminary (the sun) was keen to highlight those reasons… (or excuses?) for us. If we’re already on track, we’ll be acknowledging where we are and how good we feel about it!

If not, we have to dedicate time, effort and most of all commitment to ensure continuity of the manifestation of our desires. Sometimes when we don’t know what to do with ourselves when we feel stuck. The answer is to release the pressure through movement in another way. Through your own action of what you can control. Not through pushing others and aiming to get control of anything not bolted down… but through self management. Through channelling our frustrations through work on and WITH the Self through the very Virgoan aspects and traits we shy away from:






Follow ups or follow throughs.

The little every day missions that keep the big mission on track.

Books on shelf

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The new moon in Virgo peaked at 1:29am ET last Wednesday morning, Sept 20th. Then we are asked to process quickly as two days later we entered Libra with the equinox, highlighting a need for balance, equality, fair trials, give and take, and Libra’s desire to level the scales for those who have been subject to unjust circumstances. Jupiter and Uranus – two larger-than-life heavenly bodies – opposed in the skies this week denoting a challenge between a cry for expansion and fear (or a leaning in) of sudden change. This can see a focus on spiritual growth, personal beliefs that shock others, unique opportunities to mature through travel or speaking one’s truth and skyrocketing values around the internet, telecommunication and transmission of ideas or thoughts.

Most recently, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn TODAY, having stationed April 20th of this year. This shift will show you where resolution to issues that came up around that time may be able to be completed. Similarly, this can bring up a feeling of loss (Pluto energy), tiredness, a desire to be alone to reflect on personal situations, or just to be in solitude, which can also happen when doing a lot of psychological processing which is also a Plutonian trait.

All of this planetary action presents me with an image of someone going through their inventory, seeing what is left “to be done”, how many tasks are remaining, what is to be thrown out, shelved or repurposed. Following this, I see delegation, coordination and collaboration in an effort to complete important tasks that need to be resolved to ascend to the next dimension which is SO visible and within all of our reach. Sometimes it feels excruciating that we’re so close and yet not close enough. Now, at another juncture point, we are analyzing whether what we need to do to lighten our load (whether physical or emotional baggage) so we can “up the ante” for the next trek on our personal journey.

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