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I provide non-traditional tools like astrology, reiki and collaborative guidance to support my clients and help them succeed. Whether through self-development practices, navigating the changing corporate world, or your personal relationships I can help you discover ways to navigate the obstacles and choices on your path.


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Millions of Canadians experience the pain of living with mental illness, as do their families, friends, and colleagues. As few as one in six youth with mental illness will access appropriate treatment.

The TRSM (Ted Rogers School of Management) CARES team received reiki sessions throughout the evening, facilitated by Sheena Dennise. I have also facilitated lunch and learn sessions for the Ryerson University HR Wellbeing Services and for the Ted Rogers School of Management Professional team as a self-development and wellness tool.


Want to jazz up a gathering at your company or home?

Creating a planning session for your team?

Want some cosmic guidance for your crew or coven?

Book an astrology (and/) or tarot party to blow your guests away with insights into the past and foresight for the future!


While my clients are of various backgrounds and industries - the one goal that remains the same is facilitating the regulation of stress levels while increasing productivity to continually produce quality work, whether that is in the corporate world, in media, the arts or academia.

Reiki is a solution for increased productivity,

stress reduction and overall wellbeing through gentle induced meditation.

Monthly retainer for individuals.

Or by day/ half day segments for groups.


Designed to provide insight into untapped opportunities, potential landmines, and specific timelines regarding your business goals, this service is semi-collaborative.

Based on your personal or company's directional needs, mission and values, I use astrology to source dates and timelines to locate the avenues that lead to your next victory.

Find out how I can help today.

Monthly retainer for individuals.

Or by day/ half day segments for groups.


I create & facilitate wellness workshops & private sessions on the topics below: 

visioning & goal planning


reiki healing

art therapy



sound therapy

light & colour therapy

chakra therapy


Monthly retainer reduces per session cost.

Per session option available.


My approach to career and life coaching is intuitive, client centered and rooted in behavioural and positive psychology, the universal law of attraction and incorporating one's whole self into one's vocation. Together, we discover how where you are right now is fueling your next steps and then we design the path to achieve that next step on your journey.

Offered via phone, online or in person.

Monthly retainer for individuals.

Or by day/ half day segments for groups.




I facilitate monthly workshops at the Moksha Yoga Square One (MYSO) that are rooted in new moon astrology (read: focused on new beginnings), chakra and crystal healing as well as earth based therapies. MYSO also carries and takes custom orders the Raw Redemption, my line of intentional living products.

I have facilitated reiki at Ted Rogers of School Management at Ryerson University for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's One Brave Night Initiative to inspire hope for those living with and managing mental health conditions. I will be on-site again this year

As Canadian Reiki Association member, I have facilitated Reiki healing and spoken to Health Services Management students about the value of Reiki as a energy based tool.


Great Feedback


“I am so excited about the cream. I really loved it! I did the new moon wishing and  the master number 11. I'm very excited (yes! excited again!) about the whole process. Thanks again for Wednesday's workshop. It was awesome! I couldn't sleep afterwards because I was thinking about all the nuggets of wisdom you shared. I've been telling lots of people about the next new moon talk.”

Christine Small, Teacher

“I have no doubt that the work I did with Sheena over a period of two months, created a clearing for magic to show up in my life and the lives of people around me. At the beginning of the year my daughter and I had made a list of things we’d wanted to accomplish on our own and together. Many of the items on this list were by my own admission far-fetched and unlikely. Regardless of that fact, I shared the list with Sheena and requested that we focus our sessions around the possibility of these items becoming real. Sure enough, her powerful energy encouraged a powerful shift and suddenly my daughter and I were being flown to LA to meet and audition with Hollywood movie stars and directors, the impossible dream of owning our own home became a reality and my financial stresses turned into financial abundance. These occurrences were not manifested out of thin air and through energy only, they took real work and patience and discipline. But, without Sheena and her magnificent gift, I can confidently say, my life would not be what it is today.”

Christina Dixon |  / Actress, Writer & Producer /

“Sheena read my cards at a fashion event in March of 2010 at a time when I was on the job hunt. She told me to be patient and that a great job opportunity would open up to me in June of that year. Sure enough, I had a round of interviews and ultimately got a brand new job in my field by the end of June 2010! My reading was bang on and very encouraging when I needed it most! Great job Sheena!”

Candice Joseph / Logistics Coordinator / PanAm2015

“I sleep better and I am more in tune with the love, happiness and spiritual truth in my life. I have gone through a lot of change, emotional stress over the past year and even more recently, a life changing occurrence. The reiki treatments Sheena has given me have helped me release the stress and emotional pain I was burying deep inside. The tarot readings have helped me to continue on this spiritual journey of finding, living my life purpose. I feel I am on the cusp for another huge change in my life’s direction and purpose. I truly believe the spiritual treatments with Sheena have allowed me to open my mind, to be more aware and actually feel energy around me and allow in only the highest purest energy vibration. I feel truly blessed in having the opportunity to experience this level of energy and healing”

Trish Sikand / Founder /

“She gave me specific dates corresponding to what might show up more vividly for me as far ahead as 2017! I wrote down notes to reference and will probably look at them or think of them often. She was super positive in her approach and left me feeling happy and light.

I found that she went into depth with a lot of the information and I got an immediate picture in my mind of what she was talking about! Sheena has a great knowledge base and knows where to reference information she needs to support her insights.”

Imesia Ewan, CHRP / HR Consultant & Yoga Teacher /


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Toronto, ON, Canada



Toronto, ON, Canada